AAV Cutting Boards


AAV cutting board


Buy a board that will last longer than you! These boards are made of walnut (hard wood) and are meticulously prepped and treated in order to last longer than you will. They come in at 12.5 inches tall, 28 wide, and approximatly 2″ – 3″ thick (thickness will vary). All knots are treated and filled with food safe resin in the color of your choice. You can also add your family name or a logo to the side of the turret or any other location that you want on the board. Unless requested other wise there will be a cove out on the bottom side of the board that allows for easily handling and sliding a plate under for swiping that left over junk off. The juice groves are coated with resin to look cool. Don’t buy a cheap store bought board by a family heirloom that you will be proud to display on you counter.

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